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our Story

Supreme Coffee Service was incorporated in 1974.

Jack Hennessy was the owner, operator and he was an early operator in the world of Office Coffee Service industry.

He personally worked with a roaster out of Atlanta to create the private label and other custom blends exclusive to Supreme Coffee Service. We continue to use the same roaster today.

Jack's mission was to offer a quality cup of coffee with exceptional customer service. A mission that has continued through the years and today.

In 1999 Jack retired, selling the business to an employee, Wayne Rader. 

In 2022 Wayne decided to retire and sell the business to Jack's daughter Denise (Hennessy) Rex;

Supreme Coffee Service will continue Jack's mission for every customer they serve.



  • Provide and service equipment

  • Sell a variety of private blend coffees.

  • Bring the coffee to the customer

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Our coffee

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Euro Dark

The name says it all, deep dark bold cup of coffee. Has just a slightly nutty flavor, full body taste.

Supreme Classic

Light roast with just a touch of full body taste finishing smooth. If you like light roast but want just a touch more, this is your blend.

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Vienna Medium Roast 2.0

Same great medium roast but with a bit more flavor for those that want more. Smooth finish.


Supreme Gold

The one that started it all!

Nice light roast, smooth coffee using arabica beans from Central America. Great way to start your morning and remember light roast has more caffeine so get ready for a boost.

Vienna Medium Roast

Medium roasted beans create a bold full body taste. Not to light, not to dark, creating a more flavorful smooth cup of coffee.

Supreme Decaf

97% decaffeinated gives you the flavor of a delicious cup of coffee without the jitters.

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